udon thani car hire lek car rental

looking for car hire in Udon Thani then Lek car rental should be your first choice the local run company provided myself and family with a affordable quality vesicle
with full comp insurance at normal rates no fees hidden just a honest service from a company that as served many happy customers over the last few years word of mouth is a strong recommendation with certain unnamed company.s performing dubious scams involving keeping customers deposits then rest assured you will be in safe hands with Lek car rental
for all other Udon Thani info try www.udonthani.co.uk

big bike rental in udon thani issan

bike.s from 550 baht per day great for getting the wind in your hair i hope to get back on my bike soon its got to be one of the best places to rind your bike anywhere in issan i like the red roads cutting across country kick up some dust thats what its about for me

lek car rental helped me when family car broke down

I rented a car from lek car rental when my wife’s family car broke down needless to say
I enjoyed every minute very clean cars are provided buy lek car rental and first class insurance
Which if the worst happens god forbid your covered which is peace of mind
Just like you would not go on holidays without having your family covered don’t drive a car in Thailand with second rate backstreet insurance our it could well be a very costly mistake

Thailand.s road.s are great for driveing

new cars and trucks fully comp insurance

Welcome to my bog we are here to review any car hire company in Thailand but would like to focus on lek car rental in udon thani Thailand please feel free to contribute with customers service reviews from any car rental company in Thailand lets see if we can find the best car rental company in each city our province of Thailand